Dangerous Of Clogged Dryer Vents!

Dangerous Of Clogged Dryer Vents!

Clogged dryer ventswith lint, dirt, and other debris means reducing moist, hot air to go out ofyour dryer machine. Which may lead to;

Fire hazards that threaten your life. How? Lint is a combustible fabric, so preventingheat to go out, means increasing the internal dryer temperature which reactswith lint to cause in horrible fires which can lead to deaths and injuries.

And that what exactlyhappens for 15,600 homes around the country each year, as per U.S. FireAdministration's National Fire Data Center.

Harmful disease that may develop to death.How?  When moisture existing in your dryer, it surely willreact with heat and debris that’s located in clogged vents which cause in moldgrowth.

So it means you putyour wet clothes to dry in mold environment. What then your damp clothes catchto touch your skin. That’s why clogged dryers cause in skin Allergic diseases.

The condition is moredangerous if you have gas dryer machine. As gas dryers need to get rid ofpoison gas, which is called carbonmonoxide”. This gas is escaped from dryers by vents. So when vents are clogged,this gas leaks inside your house to cause in headaches and dizziness, butin some times deaths.

How To Know That I Have Clogged Vent!

Keep in your mindthat if you haven’t cleaned your dryer vent at least once a year, you are inrisk of these dangers.

So, for your safetyyou have to get professional dryer vent cleaning service one time a year, butif you use your dryer for more than once a day, you will need to clean yourdryer at least twice a year.

But please there aresome alerts you have to realize, as once finding out one of them you have toharry to get expert dryer vent cleaning service. Warnings of having clogged dryer vent are;

  • ·       Dryer machines temperature is too high, so it becomes toohot to touch.
  • ·       Your garments are hot after drying mission and have moistodor.
  • ·       Dryer needs more time than it used to take to dry thesame amount of clothes. As it needs more cycles than normal. Which leads to;
  • ·       High power bills each month, while your usage is the sameas each month.
  • ·       Burning smell coming from your dryer while switching iton.
  • ·       Lint existing in dryer drum and in around areas.

[Please take care, these instructions are related tothe whole dryer machine cleaning, but about dryer lint filter, it has to becleaned each load.]


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