What Is Dryer Vent Cleaning?

What Is Dryer Vent Cleaning?

In order to know what exactly dryer vent cleaning is,you have to realize the answers of these questions;

Why does dryer machine need for cleaning? How does itbecome clogged? Dangerous of clogged dryer vents! How often does it need forcleaning? How to get full clean dryer vent!

In fact, you usually put your damp clothes to get themdry after few minutes. As a habit you do for once a day or more or maybe less,without caring how these garments become dry and are there debris these clothesleave inside your dryer machine or not?

How Dryer Machine Dries Out Your Wet Laundry!

Have you ever askedyourself this question “what exactly is involvedin turning wet clothes back into dry ones?”

Dryer machines have electric or gas powered heater that heats up the air that is pulledfrom the clothes, then the exhaust vent that’s passedfrom dryer machine to outside the home fire this heat and moisture out of thehome.

So, let’s imagine that this airflow of hot & wet air can’t go out ofthe dryer and stays inside the dryer. What then will happen? And what exactlycan prevent this airflow?

Why Dryer Vents Need For Cleaning!

Wet clothes can containup to one and a half gallons of water, this watercaptures tiny fabric of flammable fibers which is called “lint”that comes out of clothes while cleaning mission, but it is released insidedryer machine as it dries out garments, so this lint gets rid of water thatcatches it.

That’s why there is no dryer machine doesn’t have linttrap, but lint is a too small fibers, so great amount of it can success inescaping from lint filter to accumulate in dryer ducts and vents which preventsairflow to go out dryer machine.

Why You Need For Professional Dryer Cleaner!

For complete cleaning foryour dryer machine, you need from the cleaner to know each part at your dryerand how these parts work to unscrew these parts and clean professionally withthe unique way, then finally install them after the full cleaning.

You need for the expertwho knows well how to fix any problem faces him while the cleaning mission todo what beyond just cleaning and repair all dryer issues, restoring it as a newmachine.

In addition, dryercleaning mission needs for special tools and machines and each machine needsunique technique in usage like “VideoCamera Inspection” that 911 Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston TX use for deep inspection to identify what exactlyhidden in your dryer vents and “The Snake Brush” which is used to scrape any debrisaway and remove clogs successfully and completely.

What Dryer Vent Cleaning Means!

Sure, you realize nowwhat is dryer vent cleaning? It is removing all debris, lint, and dirt thatgather in your dryer vent and duct, preventing air flow which puts you in firerisks and other dangers. This cleaning needs for long years of experience, deeptraining and special tools to be done correctly.

How professional Dryer Vent CleaningBenefits You!

  • ·       “Cleaning dryer vent” will minimize the needed time todry out your laundry, as your dryer will work properly.
  • ·       “Cleaning dryer vent” will save$18-$24 on monthly power bills.
  • ·       “Cleaning dryer vent” will restrictmold, mildew and other bacteria on your clothesand in your home.
  • ·       “Cleaning dryer vent” will keep you far away firehazards.


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