How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent?

How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent?

At Least Once A Year Can Save You From Fire Hazards

Have you heard about the home fires that happen at houses yearly in U.S? “Yes” as per The National Fire Protection Agency reports, Roughly 15,000 fires a year are caused not by ovens, but by dryers.

For that keeping your house in safe, is related essentially to keep your dryer machine clean and free of any lint, dirt or any debris. Lint is gathered from your damp clothes to go freely at your dryer after the clothes become dry and escape from lint trap to go through dryer exhaust and vents.

That cause in preventing airflow to go out of dryer machine, so the heat that the dryer launch to dry your garments and the moisture that it pulls from damp clothes will exist inside to react with lint causes these horrible firs.Especially, lint is a flammable fiber.

So, as a responsible homeowner how many times do you have to clean your dryer machine a year? And in all cases, once a year will be enough, or not!

How Frequent Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent?

At first, let me tell you that you have to clean your dryer lint trap after and before each load. “Yes” for your safety, don’t leave your dryer working without this cleaning process.


Otherwise your lint trap will be completely full of lint, which causes more clogs in your dryer machine and puts you in more danger. You don’t realize the amount of lint that escapes from your wet clothes.

But about the frequency of cleaning your dryer vent, it depends on several factors,including;

“How often you use your dryer a week!” If you have a big family, so you need for more than 4 or 5 loads a week, in this case you need to clean your dryer vents once each 6 months or for more safety once each 3 months.

But if your usage for dryer machine doesn’t exceed 4 times a week, cleaning it once a year will be sufficient.

“Your laundry sorts” If you dry heavy items like fleece clothing, blankets, towels, in addition new clothes that produce more lint, cleaning dryer vent once a year can’t protect your dryer machine from clogs.

“You have pets in your house” fur and pet hair cause in clogging dryer vent more quickly than if you haven’t.

Warnings Require emergency dryer vent cleaning

Even if you have recently cleaned your dryer vents or not, once facing one of the following alerts, ensure that you are in risk of facing horribleness because of your dryer.

“Clothes don’t get dry” Are your clothes still damp after the normal cycles that the dryer needs to dry out the same amount of clothes, so it needs for more time to dry them? Then,your dryer vents are completely clogged.

“Dryer Machine is hot to touch” If you find that your dryer becomes hot after each load, ensure that there is amount of lint preventing the heat to go out of your dryer. That cause in heating your dried clothes too. So you will notice that your garments are hot too after drying process.

“Musty Odor”The lack of air circulation causes in mold growth, especially the environment is suitable for that, as result of placing the prevented moisture with existing lint. That’s why when your dryer vents become clogged, you will smell musty odor coming from it and catches your clothes.

Is Professional dryer Vent Cleaning Necessary!

You need to hire professional company for deep and complete dryer vent cleaning. As it’s required for the dryer vent cleaning mission to get proper equipment along with well-trained technicians who know well how to unscrew each part at dryer machine to reach for the hard places at the machine that the lint finds its way to locate in.


Then install these parts professionally after repairing any issue face them while the cleaning mission, returning your dryer machine to be free of any debris and act as a new one.

How To Clean dryer vents By Your Own!

If you need to clean your dryer by yourself, no need for worry 911 Dryer Vent Cleaning TX  will help you in that too.

Some steps you have to do for dryer vent cleaning service

  1. 1.    Unplug the dryer machine.
  2. 2.    Remove lint out of lint trap and scrape out the layer of lint fibers, using a cloth.
  3. 3.    Use vacuum hose attachment to remove all lint successfully and to get lint trap free of any debris.
  4. 4.     Unscrew lint trap to clean lint trap vent, using long-handled dryer brush to sweep the inside of the lint trap vent, and finally clean the exterior of the vent.
  5. 5.    Pull the dryer away from the wall to clean the dryer vent duct.
  6. 6.    Detach the large flexible duct from the back of the dryer to vacuum what you can see from duct.
  7. 7.    Use long-handled dryer brush to brush inside the duct from the back of the dryer.
  8. 8.    At the end, Vacuum again and reconnect the duct.


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